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Miami Beach

Miami Beach

Miami Beach isn’t just another beachfront city; it’s the city that put South Florida on the map and made it the successful tourist hub it is today. So, what’s so special about Miami Beach? Miami Beach has been ranked by many different reputable media sources as being the number one beach in the US to relax and enjoy the sun. Maybe it’s the year-round sunny weather that makes this beach so appealing? Maybe it’s the Miami Beach’s famously white sandy beach and blue waters that give it such a good reputation? One thing is for sure, Miami Beach always leaves its guests and residents satisfied after spending a day, week, month or lifetime there.


Miami Beach has a variety of communities and living options. South Beach condos are incredibly popular for their sleek contemporary designs and lavish amenities and residential features. Miami Beach homes can be located right on the beach or on intracoastal waterways which lead out to the Atlantic Ocean or Biscayne Bay. Miami Beach also has an assortment of available from South Beach to Mid-Beach and North-Beach.


Miami Beach living is highly sought-after, mostly because there is always something to do in the exciting city of Miami Beach. The coastal area of Miami Beach is separated into three parts. There’s South Beach, which is incredibly popular and is loaded with fancy restaurants, bars and shopping malls. Just north of South Beach is Mid-Beach, which is a slightly less active area that is known for quieter beaches with beautiful waterfront homes. North of Mid-Beach is North Beach which is much more tranquil than South Beach and Mid-Beach. It has larger plots of land for homes either on the beach or intracoastal.

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